Overwhelmed Yet?

Last Update: August 30, 2017

It's been 2 months since I joined WA and have been blown away by the amount of new information I've had to learn, but equally I've been so excited and quietly cautious about these new challenges too!

I'm currently up to Course 4 of the Certification in WA and would never have expected in my wildest dreams that I would be doing technical website stuff, dealing with affiliate marketing, social engagement, to do Jaaxy or not to do Jaaxy, working on content, working on posts, email lists....what email lists, still on my to do list!

AND the list goes on and on and this is JUST in TWO MONTHS!


Look at me, look at me (the Aussies out there will get my drift!)... I've even learnt to use a royalty free image above, reduce the size from 16MB to less than 1MB and incorporate within my post!

YES I am overwhelmed......BUT I AM learning soooo much in such a short period of time OFCOURSE I'm going to feel overwhelmed....so if you are feeling like me, overwhelmed, it's OK, we just need to look at the big picture.....that is, know why we are here and and focus on those goals.

Wishing you a great journey

Cheers Gina

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MKearns Premium
That's terrific Gina! I'm restarting the training track and excited about transforming overwhelm to accomplish!. BTW would to see a couple of your pics of the beautiful countryside around Victoria and NSW. an area I don't know much about!!
GinaMor1 Premium
Great idea Mike I'll do that in the next 24 hours... I can't post regularly until I hit my 3 month milestone!!
AnthonyMLM Premium
I'm glad it's a good overwhelming feeling, stay focus on your dreams
GinaMor1 Premium
Thank you Anthony for your encouragement