My Progress 1st Month

Last Update: October 06, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for reading my post.

Its almost been a month since I became a Premium member and I have actually learnt a lot. I'm enjoying the learning curve and the structured outline of the course. Its makes it so much easier.

I am an Australian, Aussie or Ozzie living outside of Australia. Australians refer to Australia as Oz. We know what an Ozzie is. My website is for other Australians living outside of Australia.There is actually 1000000 of us worldwide.

Australians tend to see the world before we see our own country thus becoming knowledgeable on worldly affairs and facts but not so much about our on backyard.

My site is an affiliate site offering those Australian products that Ozzies miss as well as products and advice that are relevant to the expatriate community.

Ive written about 10 blogs but haven't done any website design.

In 6-12 months I hope to have a good following on social media and a engaging website.


Thanks for reading.

See Ya!

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Aimee74 Premium
Wishing you luck on your next few months and I hope you get a lot of traffic to your site