Brainstorming by visualisation-diminish stress-save time.

Last Update: February 21, 2014

How to be more effective and save time and energy, and stay healthy !

It is years ago that I started to look for a way, how to be more effective.

Because of interested in too many things, I was distracted very easy, what leaded to an overflow with ideas, but the things that has to be done stuck somewhere and weren´t finished.

That can go so far that one looses goals out of sight.
Watch yourself while you are surfing in the web, how often did you loose the goal, what for you started surfing.

The only way for me to get out of this circle, was to find a system to focus on the most interesting and mandatory goals: things that has to be done in time.

After reading a few of books about time-management, I realized that a lot of people have the same problem: they always think to have too little time.

This mental situation leeds to inner frustration, to a unhealthy mental and biochemical attitude, so called dis-stress. A lot of people suffer from this kind of stress and resulting dissatisfaction.

If this situation lasts too long they get sick in some ways.

When I first realized that I have to deal with stress and frustration, I looked for some methods to get calm and relaxed. I tried a few methods, but then I found the method, that was derived from medical doctors who were doing research with Indian yogis.

Dr. Schulz and Dr. Lindemann published books about Autogenic training and so I was lucky to have learned these techniqes and praticed this relaxing techniques since 1972.

But the most time-saving method, I was looking for, lead me to some very useful tool: one of these techniques is called mind-mapping.

You now that man are socalled "eye controlled mamals", that means that our sight is very important in perceiveing our surrounding world. A picture says more than 1000 words.

If you have a lot to do, or if you are planning a big project , first you have to get things into a certain order. What should be done at first.

One normally is not able to get compley things into the rigth order at first , but that is not really a problem, when one uses a mind-map.

One can draw a mind-map on a plane sheet, very simple. But there are very useful software-tools that can help you to structure the mind-maps.

After having done the open uncensored free brainstorming, then you go and number the single points to get them in the apropriate sequence, that can be worked through.

When to use a mind-map, gives you better time-saving and overview:

  • planing a website
  • looking for a market-niche
  • looking how to connect two coplete different niches to generate a new niche
  • planning your holiday
  • planning moving from one to another house or flat

Download software here:

Freemind :

Another tool

Edraw Mind Map is a free mind mapping maker with inbuilt templates and examples which makes it very easy to use. It comes with various embedded features like smart drawing guide which makes mind mapping simple, supports big size and multiple page mind map; inbuilt themes, effects, styles; automatic alignment, compatible with MS office and PDF, easy to share and much more. You can also make notes, attachment and build hyperlink.
But you must be carful to use the free tool.

Free Download Mind Map Maker and View All Templates and Examples

another nice tool is xmind

There are some more like mind-manager

I use it since years, but it is not free.

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janicebowles Premium
Hi Georg, A very interesting post and one close to my heart when it comes to 'mind management'. Surfing the net is great example of losing focus, wandering (and squandering) time if you're not careful. As I was reading your article, I thought you could write your web search goal on a post-it and stick it on the frame of your computer to remind yourself of what you are doing - lol!
I love the idea of mindmapping, the subconscious doesn't think in linear terms so it loves the fluidity of curves rather than straight lines and unlocks more creativity that way.
Thank you very much for the resources you have offered here and a very interesting and thought-provoking read. :)
Starcreator Premium
Thanks for the tips. I do need to find a way to simplify my time from distractions. I bought a new Windows phone recently. This should work on my phone too.
Starcreator Premium
Yes, it can be stressful with so much to do. I take water yoga classes which help me distress and it's good for the joints. I'll check it out when I'm one the computer. Thanks for the post.