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Hello everyone,Just wanted to Thank all those Members who supported Geoff and Me by visiting our website and reading Part 1 of our Post about Herbs and Spices for Dogs and Cats.Well here it is ...This Blog is informing you that Herbs and Spices for Dogs and Cats - Part 2 has now been published, and anyone interested can go and have a good read. and Writing these Posts has been one of the most time-consuming,
Hello Everyone,Just wanted to tell you all that we have just published another Post about Herbs and Spices for People and Dogs and Cats. are so many Herbs and Spices out there that we couldn't possibly write about them all, so we have written about as many of the most common ones as possible.We had no idea just how GOOD for your health and for the health of your pets these Herbs and Spices really are. Researching t
.It's soooo hot Mummy .....Aahh - That's much better .....If you would like to see more pictures of me, please visit my
August 17, 2015
Hello everyone,We have been very busy creating and communicating on Social Media, so you have probably noticed a decrease in activity in our WA work.Just wanted to inform you all that we have just submitted a new Post to our website which is all about People Foods that Dogs can eat.If any of you would like to read it, it is called FOODS THAT ARE GOOD FOR DOGS.This Post is the sequel to Foods that Dogs should not eat.For the benefit of new Wealthy Affiliate Members, the way to go and search for t
Hello again to our wealthy community,A bit over a week ago we informed you that we were busy creating content for a new Page and Post on our Website.Well, today we are here to tell you that we have just published a Post called "Bubbygirl's Trip to Cooktown & Daintree National Park - Part 2. This post is a sub-category under the Page called "Travelling with Bubbygirl".The content of Part 2 of our trip is all about our boat trip on the Daintree River watching crocod
Hello to our lovely community,In the last couple of weeks we have been very busy creating content for a new Page and Post on our Website.We have recently been on a small four-day trip away, and we decided to write some articles on this trip and other trips we make in the future.We have just published a Page called "Travelling with Bubbygirl", which is more of an Introduction Page, and we've added a Post called "Bubbygirl's Trip to Cooktown & Daintree National Park
Hello everyone,Quite a few Members have commented very positively about our Visitor Pets Picture Gallery posts. We thank you all very much for your positive feedback and for your appreciation of our Website.We received some ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC comments from a couple of Members and we really needed to share these comments with you all. This comment is from Milla (Bluette) -It’s a doggy party. What can I say? I LOVE the animals sites, if our pets only knew that we invade their privacy without p
June 23, 2015
Hi everyone,We have done a bit of rearranging of our Visitor Pets Picture Gallery page on our Cheeky Chihuahua website.We have added some more dogs to both Visitor Pets Picture Gallery-1 and Gallery-2 posts which we've put as sub categories under the main heading above.Please go and check it out, and we would love some comments on this new and updated 3-in-1 page. If you click into all three sections - Gallery, Gallery-1 and Gallery-2, you'll see all the changes.We have also just learned to put
Hello everyone,We have updated our Page called Visitor Pets Picture Gallery on our Website.Please go and have a look at our new Canine addition - Deanne's Ladybird, at this address: Click on - "Visitor Pets Picture Gallery".We would really, really appreciate any comments you care to give us.Thank you,Geoff and Janep.s. if anyone would like to add their dog or dogs to our site, please email us with your picture and blurb at
Hello Everyone,Geoff and I have just published a Post called: Can I Help My Dog Lose Weight?In this Post we talk about the Reasons Why you would help your dog lose weight, and we also talk about the Different Ways you can help your dog lose weight.This is an example of an Obese Chihuahua - though this dog looks like Bubbygirl, it's not her.Please could you have a look at this Post on our site at: and we would really appreciate an