Let Your Prospects Know That You Can Actually Provide Results

Last Update: August 22, 2016

The most common error some rookie internet marketers make is they build a website, put their products or services, then make an offer. They think they are so awesome that people will automatically flock in to their virtual storefront to buy their stuff only to find out that no one clicks their order button despite the decent amount of traffic on their website.

For budding internet marketer or entrepreneur, there are few critical things that you need to remember selling online. First, there are millions of websites out there to compete against! Imagine you are competing for a spot in your customer’s attention. That spot is way too cluttered! Coming up with an offer is not enough. Chances are, your prospect has already seen thousands of them and guess what, they are not buying.

The second thing is many marketers think that a first time, walk-in visitor would immediately buy from them. Hence, their offers and campaigns are designed to coerce the walk-in first timer into buying. Every time they do that they lose the customer. No prospective customer wants to be pressured. They do not want to be sold right away. They want to take time to gather information, they want to look around and think then comeback another day.

So how do you eloquently sell something to your prospects without looking obnoxious and pushy? Simple, do not sell your products or services yet, sell yourself first by providing value to your customers for free!

These prospects do not know you. Hence, they do not trust you and will not by from you. They still want to rationalize their actions. So you need to build a relationship with them by letting them know that you are a genuine entity, that you are there to help them and not cause them pain. The best way to introduce yourself is to offer them free stuff that would immediately help them. Free stuff that could take them closer to whatever goal your product or service has promised. That is a surefire way to build massive trust and goodwill.

The next time you know, people are flocking to your store buying your stuff, because they know you are the real deal. How to provide benefits in advance? First you need to identify the ultimate outcome that our ideal customer desires. You need to be 100% confident that the product you offer delivers the promise. Otherwise, your strategy will be put to waste because of bad reviews and feedback.

Once you identify the ultimate outcome, you need to provide, at least, three valuable stuff to your prospects for free. These free items should help them to inch closer to their desired outcome.

For example, if you are selling sales training, you might want to give a series of free videos to your list teaching some sales techniques that they can immediately apply in their respective fields. Maybe In the first video you can discuss the necessary things that they need to prepare before going on a sales call, like proper clothing, posture, and tone of voice.

Sending videos is one of the few things that you can do. You can also offer a free PDF report. You can also offer a short book or some articles. Just make sure that your free stuff is aligned with your business. The moment you put free stuff in your website in exchange for a name and an email address of your visitors, you will see a dramatic increase in your list.

You may collect between 50 to 100 subscribers to your email list if you giveaway valuable stuff to your prospects. Not only that, it will dramatically shoot up your goodwill. Your relationship with your list is already established. They know you can deliver. They trust you because they have experienced what you are offering. You can now have a better chance of selling them your actual products and services.

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