Full Speed Ahead

Last Update: June 07, 2019

I have been busy.

I bought a second domain for my gaming site. I have not started working on it yet, but it is mine.

I started back on my herbal education. I am very excited about this because holistic, natural healing is at the top of my My Lifetime Passions.

On the back of this, I started working on my herbal site. (See cover image). I don't own the domain yet, but it is in my cart :).

I'm starting a new job by end of June that will pay me every two weeks as opposed to every month like previous gigs with this company. That will be a welcome change.

My primary site, Gig That! has 5 posts on the front page in the top 10 on Google, Bing AND Yahoo!.

My WA rank is now sub 1000. I'm hovering between 920 and 950, mostly because I'm working on content and sites more right now. Goal is 500, so I'm still on it.

And lastly, I just got my 4th training badge. I am almost done with the OEC course.

And I still manage to cook, clean and do laundry.

Missing some sleep, but I'm used to that.

Taking my own advice: Keep going!

Gig on!

Gwendolyn J

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Babou3 Premium
You make really great progress,
it's nice to see you moving forward.

DarrenNicola Premium
Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the best with the progress you are making.

gbj35 Premium
Did not realize that bottom pic was so big. LOL, It was supposed to be a thumbnail.
FKelso Premium
Very good. You are making good progress. I like your "Heathen Holistics" -- pretty cool name. I'll be interested in looking at your site sometime, as I am also into plants...wrote a couple books on wild edibles here in Alaska.

Keep up the good work.
gbj35 Premium
Thank you.
I went ahead and put up my Privacy Policy, About Me and a static front page. Next step is to start piling up content.
Shellback Premium
That's awesome!
gbj35 Premium
Thank you so much!!