I'm Feeling Grateful.

Last Update: June 09, 2016

Hi fellow WA members!

I am currently on a family vacation at a place called Hwange National Park which is just a short drive from my home in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe which is in Southern Africa.

Life can be tough here at times in Zimbabwe as we are a struggling 3rd world country. However, I was born here and I choose to live here because I love the African bush veld and the African way of life in general.

Wealthy Affiliate is giving me the opportunity to earn a much needed secondary income which allows me to travel and do things like I am doing right now......spending time with my family in a magical environment!!

Here is a couple of the pictures that were taken today by my son. I have just added these to my website home page too so people can see where I come from and the possibilities that WA can provide.

The great thing is that I can even access WA and do some work right here in the middle of nowhere. Life is good for sure! Thank you Wealthy Affiliate.


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ddavis88 Premium
That is amazing and I understand where you are coming from. The only traveling I ever did was to war zones, but am hoping that WA can help provide me with additional income so that I can also take my family to some great places as well. Those pictures your son took is amazing.
MPollock Premium
Enjoy your time there.
Ecowarrior Premium
I have been there many years ago Gary and it looks still as beautiful as I remember it! Love the pictures! Best wishes in your journey her at WA! Cheers, Lisa
GaryStan Premium
Hi Lisa. I am pleased that you have had a taste of Zimbabwe. Thanks for your comment.
JudeP Premium
Beautiful :)