Last Update: November 29, 2013

Hello everyone by name is Gary Sanders. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving I’m giving thanks for a lot of things… and one is WA. Just to give you some background, I joined WA July 20, 2013 and have been working steadily (and very slowly) toward my goals. Things have been slow as I’m a full time student that works full time as well as a husband and dad of a 3.5 year old that wants/needs my attention (and play time). Anyway…at times I get frustrated because I cannot allocate the time like I would want to but all is well. As difficult as it has been to get this far… there is no quit in me. I have had many obstacles but I choose to move forward not only with WA but in every area of life. I feel I'm just entering my "wheelhouse" in a few areas of life…not so bad for a guy in his 40’s (laugh). My vision and plan is to move forward by learning, growing and persevering and I wish this for you as well. Never quit!

I have a tendency to whine at times and feel sorry for myself when I face obstacles… but obstacles are proof of progress! People who are standing still never encounter any obstacles as the scenery is always the same. So, continue to pursue what you’re good at in life and then bombard it into critical mass until things explodes in your life.

Wishing you passion and the brightest of holiday seasons.

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Keep on the road to success!
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Happy Thanks giving to you too!!!