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If you want to know how to buy and sell websites for profit you’re going to see just how I do it.See link in comments which is a video on YouTube :). It's all the way at the bottom :).Today I am excited!I am getting the opportunity to buy a website and sell it for profit. I am going to be documenting and posting videos right here on Wealthy Affiliate so everyone can see the entire process that I take to buy a website and sell it for profit. First, I bought a website firstcases dot com
November 09, 2017
Just started a new site last week. I am looking to connect on Twitter. Here is my Twitter URL: follow me and I will follow you back :)
Today I just happen to stumble across a site that got me interested in selling one of my niche sites. Have you ever wanted to know how much your website is worth? Well, today I went to: and put in my domain tbwhs.comHere is a result that showed what my site is worth:Do you think worthofweb is an accurate site for seeing how much our sites are worth? Check your site and leave a comment down below!Furthermore, I have written an article on this very subject at
Hey Everyone at WA,So, I want to start off by saying I love Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an awesome platform and love all the people I have met over the years here. Kyle and Carson do a great job at teaching us. Kyle has personally helped me lots.But, I do have one problem. Hosting uptime hasn’t been the greatest in 2017, so far. My uptime stats are 96.809. This isn’t the 99.9% I have had with InMotion Hosting my previous host.Has anyone else been having trouble with uptime, though
December 31, 2016
Hey Everyone at WA,It’s important to constantly monitor our Google Analytics. That way we can see what people are doing on our websites.Just checked my Google Analytics and was shocked that I have lots of weird languages viewing my site. Which might be contributing to my high bounce rate. I previously did a blog post here anyone else seen these weird messages in Google Analytics:Secret.ɢ You are invited! Enter only with
Hey everyone at WA,Been having an issue with my bounce rate on Kind of driving me mad. Over the last 30 days, my bounce rate is 57.14. I like to keep it below 40%. However, the last week or two my bounce rate is about 75% to 85%. This has got to be hurting in the search engines, though.I wanted to ask you a small favor. Could you go to and the blog section: and let me know if you notice anything that might be problematic. This is driving me nuts!Thank
Hey everyone at Wealthy Affiliate,It’s been awhile since I have blogged on WA. In 2017 I promise to do it more frequently. But, today I wanted to let you know about an application I have been using for 3 years now. It’s called “Todoist.” I use the free version, which you can find here:, it works with most browsers:Google Chrome.Firefox.Safari.IE.Also, it works with Android, MacOS, Windows, etc.It’s important to schedule out your dai
Here are 7 success quotes. Look at one of these quotes each day.Hope this helps get you through the week.:)
Hey Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate,As Kyle has taught us, you need to have an email opt-in. People do not typically buy products or services the first time they are on your site. Many years back I made a mistake by not having an email opt-in service. Lots out on tons of money! Over the years I have tried out a couple of email marketing services. I wrote this post to show you the different ones that are available: do like MailChimp because it’
Hey Everyone at Wealthy Affiliate. I wanted to share my success story with anyone that might need some inspiration at Wealthy Affiliate. Before you read this I just want to drive home the point that you need to work and be proactive with your online marketing. There is no magic button; but WA is a great tool to help get you started making money.I run one of the top web hosting review sites on the net; http://tbwhs.comI have created a user review community of webmasters that provide their feedba