My First Resource At WA

Last Update: June 02, 2010

Hello buddies,how is everybody this beautiful evening?

I am proud to say that WA from this moment and so on,kindly hosts my first resource for the community!I am very happy for this fact because i have a put a little rock to the skyscraper that is called Wealthy Affiliate University!

The resource i created talks about the 12 keys,that if followed wisely and correctly,can and will lead you to Internet Marketing success!It is for everyone who feels that he/she can't make it online,feels frustrated,feels like quitting.

You are all welcome to read my resource and hope that in any way, it can help you.You can find it here Here

Those 12 keys moreover can help you in any aspect of your life.And because i don't want to get credit for someone else's mind work, i ve got to say that William Arthur Ward came up with these keys to success.Even i don't know who he is, i would like to thank him from the depths of my heart because he managed to get me to see life and Internet Marketing more specifically in a different way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

Your Greek buddy



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Garage667 Premium
Hey Josh!Thank you so much for your kind words!The truth is that i am a very positive and energetic person and hope that i can make it happen in the online world!Same thing i wish for you too!
muskyblood Premium
Dimitris, You have a great attitude. IM can get you down at times and it is important to stay positive, and move forward. There is no doubt that you will be posting a success story in the forum soon.
maureenhannan Premium
Some beautiful wisdom there. Thank you, Dimitris. I will share these with my kids as well--we are always talking together about how much you can get done if you are consistent about getting things done during the times when others are just goofing off. I find that carring a notebook with me at all times is helpful--to get ideas down on paper when I'm in a waiting room or at my kids' practices. I used to read a magazine or kill time at those moments--now I use them to brainstorm and to plan. Good stuff!!
iFaith Premium
Great list Dimitris! Action promoted tips is what they are - definitely great tips to abide by and apply! I collect tips so thanks for the intro to William Arther Ward - will check him out - plus adding these tips to my collection! Good job on your first WA resource! Rock on! :o)