True success

Last Update: March 01, 2017

I love singing and I am a beginning vocalist. Dr. Dan Van Arsdalen is my current vocal an coach for just 6 weeks. This is my first blog so far on this site. I am still learning at WA and at singing. My vocal coach wants me to sing at full voice for 10 minutes almost every day after a proper vocal warm up. this business is to me much like singing and I have a very long way to go with both of them. One must keep doing their very best in life to keep going. One is still a success as long as they are giving it their all, even if they fall flat on their face. I hope that this encourages someone to take another stab at life, thanks and I love all of you.

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xanfo Premium
Great talent Gary.
Best regards
GApt Premium
Thanks, Jesus has given me this talent for His Glory!
4uburn4me Premium
Good luck with your success here.
GApt Premium
Thank you Sir for your compliment!