Focus on the present

Last Update: June 23, 2021

Here's an interesting fact...

You cannot experience tomorrow today, as that would be impossible.

You cannot re-experience yesterday today, as that has already gone.

TODAY, you can only experience what is in the here and now - because NOW is all that really exists in our experience. We are forever experiencing the present moment by translating the myriad of information that is hitting us every second through our senses.

However, instead of enjoying this moment, many of us choose to imagine (negatively) about what may happen tomorrow or remember (negatively) things that happened yesterday or every longer ago, and many of us then allow those things to affect their present.

What if you just focused on the present today and forgot about yesterday for a while and stopped worrying about tomorrow. Just focus on what you CAN DO in this moment? I bet you could get more done, focus more objectively and feel more positive about the things you are doing now!

So go on - accept the challenge - just for a day!

Stop moaning about the past and stop worrying about the future! Focus on this present moment and see what magic you can create!!

Have a great day, everyone...

Let me know how you get on in the comments, please.

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lesabre Premium
Hi Gail, this is a great blog. I know I should be living for just one day and that day is today. Ofter my mind drifts into the past and depression builds up or it will drift into the future and anxiety will build up. One day I hope to follow the path you have shared, it makes so much sense. Thank you for the share, much appreciated.

All the best,

GailLowe Premium
Thanks Michael. It can be harder sometimes when we have allowed ourselves to 'practice' our angst and stress so much, it feels like that is our natural state! And yet, I can promise you that that is not our natural state so I'd just take it one small step at a time!
MKearns Premium
Indeed, Gail! Now is the time available So good to get out of the Covid scare shadows and see you again!
GailLowe Premium
Hi Mike

How are you?! I've been working mostly through covid because my day job is a teacher in a special school, so even when everyone else was in lockdown, I was going into school because our students are the ones recommended to be in school. It's all been OK though - we've got through it I hope.
Good to see you are still here.
All the best. Gail
Frognmecom Premium
Excellent advice, I wish I could master it. I have to keep my eyes on Jesus and see nothing but Him in the midst. Boast not thy self of tomorrow for thou knowest not what a day may bring fourth.
GailLowe Premium
Thanks Mike.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
This current minute is really the only one we can control
GailLowe Premium
Hi Geoffery. That's true. And what control we have if we only knew it!
Have a good day. Gail
Wdcope Premium
I certainly agree with the fact today is the most important if we are to meet our goals. Tomorrow will happen the way it was to be if we continue to focus our energy daily. The past certainly can serve as a reminder and guide towards today, and help us focus.
Hopefully your focus and day went well.
take care,
GailLowe Premium
Thanks Bill. Hope your day goes well too. Gail