Are you where the magic happens?

Last Update: August 30, 2012

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
― Albert Einstein

It is really easy to live in the comfort zone of life. It is like a nice soft comfort couch where you can just snuggle up and feel safe. When you're snuggled into the comfort couch you know exactly what life is all about, you have been there before and everything worked out fabulously well. There is absolutely no problem living in the comfortable couch, some people do it their whole lives. They live in the comfort zone of life never daring to step out of it and try something new. Maybe they have tried and things don't turn out that well so they choose to stay comfortable.

BUT that is NOT where the magic happens. The magic happens when you are uncomfortable. Sometimes you really have not clue what you are doing. So you seek others who look uncomfortable too, wondering if they are living in the magic zone as well. In the magic zone you can feel yourself stretching and growing taller and your heart expanding. Funny you may even go back and try that old comfortable couch out only to find that it just doesn't suit you anymore.

When you live in the magic zone and it starts to get comfortable you know that more magic awaits you, so you go off looking for it and learning and growing even more in the process.

Last year I choose to follow the trail of magic and found Internet Marketing. I had little clue on keywords, how to build and website, put an article together and it seemed a little daunting but I was determined to follow the magic.

This year I am helping others find the right keywords, part of a community, have articles in the number 1 spot of Google and have a functioning well ranking website. I have made a lot of mistakes but as Albert says is you aren't making mistake then you aren't trying anything new. But we choose to resolve it and get on with it, rather than going back to the comfort zone.

Are you still in your comfortable couch?
What will get you out of it?

Wealthy Affiliate is the Magic Zone for internet marketers. So welcome to the magic!

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BIS Premium
Hi Gai
Very interesting post. I like that idea - 'Where the majic happens - that has inspired me to put a post along those lines on my coaching site - hope you don't mind.

It's interesting because I write a lot about comfort zones. There are 2 quite different ways of seeing it - 1) pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to reach new heights or 2) to keep extending the breadth of your comfort zone.

Either can actually work.

I really enjoyed this

GaiC Premium
I will look forward to to reading your post. I got the idea from my yoga studio which was offering a class 'blindfolded'. Yoga is all about going inward and dropping the ego so the point was to really test your comfortable zone limits which I thought was really interesting way to do it.

I like both those ideas and seek to keep myself outside my comfort zone most of the time. Actually I like it would have to a common trait amongst entrepreneurs to live outside the comfort.......

Thanks for your comments Gai
JGray Premium
Love it! And it is so true! Thank you for another fantastic post to begin my day!
GaiC Premium
Yes I did feel a bit inspired this morning. Hope a great day. Gai
gud Premium
Great post! Thanks.
GaiC Premium
Thanks for reading gud. gai
suem Premium
So right! Unfortunately some people prefer to stay on the couch when it has become run down and no longer comfortable because it is still familiar! :)
GaiC Premium
Everyone is different, and shxt happens when you get off the couch, you just need to be ready for the ride. but oh what a ride it is
jespinola Premium
Great Psot :)
GaiC Premium
Thanks, I enjoyed writing it Gai