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So far on my website for Fluval Fx6 filter I have 1 keyword on page 1, 1 keyword on page 2, 1 keyword on page 3, and 1 keyword on page 4. So I think I am pretty excited because the last program that I was with these similar pages of content only ranked in yahoo and Bink never in Google. That will get me to motivate a bit more when I seen that results from the work I did and the work that will motivate me to do. Now the funny thing is that I started this website over since I was using the bra
Really it is getting better all the time, I have two sites and the urls of the sites are for my WA affiliate website and for an affiliate website for Fluval FX6 Filter I have content on both websites I already have my WA review finished and posted getting alot of help from everybody. Struggled abit on creating the content but it came and when I was creating the content for the affiliate website for Fluval Fx6 Filter I have two posts that
November 29, 2014
I love the way clients or people help people out on any problem if it is a small or big problem any new people if they are in the starter or premium they ask questions if it is silly or very serious questions someone answers their question, the last course that I was on I had to wait for 5 days for any question to be answered. I have already started my first site and we will purchase a new domain and move the siterubix site over. I think I may need to get some help to writing content so I can s