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I have taken care of my mother for a little over a year. In that year, she had 6 hospital stays, 4 rehabilitation stays, 6-7 ER visits. One of those visits kept me up all night at the ER to find out if she had another brain bleed. It was a bruise and she was sent home with me.In November of 2015, I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I love it! I am a writer and I have so much more to learn. Webinars to watch, the affiliate bootcamp, Carson, Jay, and others who have given us many resources and recorded c
February 22, 2016
I keyed in Wealthy Affiliate this morning, and I saw the blog on Google that I had written about Wealthy Affiliate and its wonderful community. It was dated yesterday. Needless to say, I had no idea it would show up on Google so quickly. I meant every word of what I had written. Wealthy affiliate is the best for teaching affiliate marketing. It offers so many tools and the community helps one another.The blog was short but to the point. My son was impressed.
Right in the midst of affiliate marketingI admit it. I am jealous of all those computer nerds I met in junior college in the 1980s. If I hadn't felt so intimidated, I may have been as smart as my 17-year-old son. He has YouTube pages, he did LEGO stop motion animation and made some money off the ads.Now, here I am going back to school, the school of learning to write posts. I have found the best way to learn affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. There is so much support and a rich community
I am telling everybody that I am very pleased with my progress. Though there is so much more to learn, that is life. Actually, the other night I was able to fix some of my major screw ups. I actually fixed my menu at the top and moved 3 posts to my post area. I pure floated to the ceiling when I got those errors fixed.That means to me that I am more comfortable with using the tools Wealthy Affiliate has given us. My website is simple. As I learn more, I will do better. But, the most important t
My intention is always to the audience who reads my blogs. To treat them like intelligent human beings. More than anything I want to help people overcome weight issues ( I used to be heavy ), so that is why I chose a fitness website. I was so excited yesterday to get started on finishing up a previous blog about an exercise program that had helped me. Everything was hearts and flowers until my website would not load. Of course, I freaked out. One would have thought I had lost a limb! I couldn'
The most I had ever done on a computer was write a novel several years ago. I have a second novel in the wings. That means I typed the words, saved the text, and printed it. I can e-Email. I have never been into anything elaborate on a computer. Watching my 17 year old son fix something for me by touching a couple of buttons has made me feel like I am in the dinosaur age.It was a Major decision for me to join Wealthy Affiliate. Yes, i need to bring money into our household. But, guess what? It