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October 03, 2014
Are you a scammer? I really need to ask this question since we are all vehemently against obtaining by tricks. People lie to get out of speeding tickets. Others lie to get out of work early or not show up at all. How about those who lie to get airplane upgrade? What's up with that; and even get rewarded for this scam. Or perhaps it's not a scam after all, the seats would have been empty anyway so why not occupy it and enjoy the perks free of charge. Alert! Lying on your website, aka knowingly
I think many of you may have seen this already but if you haven't, I hope you find it helpful. I just couldn't resist sharing it here since we all need some inspiration from time to time. I know I do! All these apply to our lives in immeasurable ways but I have one question; Do you think we're making enough effort to live up to these standards? Ade
September 04, 2014
No, this is not about your normal apparel sizes, but wait a minute, maybe it is. When we admire people in their nice outfits, cute cars, beautiful houses etc, do we think about the size of their debt? or just would like that similar lifestyle in our own size. Thinking about the size might ruin our taste because that means seeing the complete picture of the person whose “stuff” we admire. So, more often than not, we would rather just keep our focus on the mundane thing rather than lookin
When people ask for your opinion, do you feel free to tell it like it is or do you sugar-coat your comment so as not to incur their wrath? When you give what you think is a constructive criticism, what do you do when it is not taken well? I know people can get angry and it is either they ignore your comment altogether or they become defensive. What do you think is the right thing to do? Ade
Separating the wheat from the chaff Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you can't quite decide what to do in order to accomplish your goals? Although, asking for advice, suggestions or recommendations are ways of gaining knowledge, it can also get you even more confused than you started with. Yes, people are well intended but there are also some who are set out to lead you astray, so beware. If you don't already have a goal, that is, a desired outcome in mind, the sug
If you hear that, would you stand back or give a handshake anyway? I have found myself in this situation countless number of times and I have instinctively not only shook the "dirty" hand but also gave a hug. Seeing the big smile warms my heart and there is always a lesson learned. I learn to be accepting of other people even when they feel "unworthy". How are we treating others within our communities, even WA. I'm a fervent believer in doing something not for what I will gain but for how
Give a wo/man a fish and they are fed once but teach them how to fish and they will be fed forever. I have found these two scenarios to be appropriate depending on the person's circumstances. Helping people is multidimensional. You may find it expedient to first feed the person before they can even be taught anything about fending for themselves. At other times however, it may be that they have just enough to keep them going but they need a more sustainable income for the future. Such a pers
The game of soccer, football or futbol depending on your side of the pond, is celebrated every 4 years at the World Cup. This is for “qualified” countries to showcase their talents and move up the FIFA rankings. Did I say ranking? You may say but what does this have to do with affiliate marketing? So here we go! About a month ago, the games started with 32 countries but now only 4 are left with just 2 matches to go. Only one will go home with the “2014 World Cup”. Just like all the coun
Declare your independence from: Procrastination Self-doubt Dwelling on the negative People and things that pull you down Seeing the glass half empty Nursing the idea of quitting This is your day of freedom to be successful. Ade
June 27, 2014
The gist of this post is that we all have a survival instinct, no matter what is thrown at us. This is the story about the rose flower shown in the picture below. I once had 3 rose bushes planted in my flower bed. They all thrived and produced beautiful flowers every year but two years ago, they got infested and began to lose their beauty. At this point, I began to pay more attention to them much more than any other plant in my flower bed. I treated and fed them regularly but to no avail.