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October 20, 2018
It's been a whole year already.Hi everyone I got a notice today that I have recieved my one year dedication badge just thought I would share it with you all. I thank everyone for their help since I have been here and want to tell you how much I enjoy this community.
Hi everyone finally made through level 5 of the certification course it was a lot of fun with a lot of hard work. I want to thank everyone on this journey I started for all their help along the way. You know I couldn't have done it alone it takes everybody working together for one goal. What is that goal? "SUCCESS"We cannot succeed in this business on our own no matter what we think or feel.The main goal to success is not to give up and keep moving forward everyday.Just remember when it seem
This is day two of getting more traffic this is just a experiment I'm trying out to see if I can get income flowing I will keep you updated on itI had 206 visitors yesterday all time high!It's been about a month since my last blog and it was about my traffic where I had an all time high of traffic for one day of 40 visitors. Well I did it again yesterday. I got up this morning went out to the garden did some tillering and hoeing the corn, beans, peppers, tomatoes and cabbage. Come back into th
April 25, 2018
Yesterday my website got 40 visitors. Thats the most for all time with it. The highest amount before was 26. I know that don't sound like much, but it is for me and a new website.Come on I'm still new to this and still learning where the love Hoorray!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!
I just want to give everybody here at WA. an update and a big thanks for helping me on the journey I've started here. Since the 19th of april my 6 month anniversary at WA. things have been going good. They have been ups and downs like with anything. But, with any downs I've had here there were always a quick recovery. Thanks to all the good and helpful community we have got here. My progress here has not been as fast as I would like because of outside duties not invovled with WA. called life.I'
So just wondering how many use paid advertising? Do we need to or is it the best way? Anybody have a preference on it, I would like to have your input on this.
Why is it when you ask for feedback you get comments or vice-versa?Feedback is the design of your website, how it is laid out, how the images fit the content, whether there is enough content, or whether the ads fit the content.Comment is on the content if it is good or a beneficial or can be used or useful or helpful, or needed for someone or purpose. Has this ever happened to you?
February 15, 2018
Number one in all three Google, Bing, and Yahoo You can put my website name in search and it comes up first on the first page in all three search engineshow-to-stay-healthy-for-life-that's-what-we-want-for-you
February 14, 2018
I want to wish all my Wealthy Affiliate friends a Great and Happy Valentines Day cheers to all.
February 01, 2018
Have you ever had so much going on, that you don't have time to, much more, than to catch your breath. Oh, man it's been like that today, do this, do that, go here, go there, forgot this, forgot that, - no wait, this is tomorrow. Well you get the picture, if not here's oneI find the biggest part of my time, I'm in a rush. I come to accept that, but I know there is just a certain amount of time in a day, We have to pace ourselves, sort everything out and think, think, think. Stay Calm, Be Focuse