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When I look back at the beginning of this year I really had no expectations of being able to make enough sales to make it to Vegas this year. My main goal was to just keep building on what I was doing and growing my yearly income.I guess it was sometime around July that I started thinking I may just have a shot at this. That was, if I remember right the month when I first hit 25 sales in one month. I then made at least 25 sales per month each month after that exept November where my sales were
It has been quite some time since I posted here insdie of WA so here is a quick update on my progress.I have made 118 premium sales this year so far. This is around what I made for the whole year in 2018.25 sales in June which beats my previous high of 22.My conversion percentage in June was also a new high for me. The 25 sales came from 285 starter members.Total income paid from WA this year is over 9k. This is more than I made last year already.I have around 150 post on my site and am getting
My monthly earnings over the last few months promoting WA are on a pretty steady rise.I know this is not a lot but from where i started at making zero i will take it.The only reason i post this is so others will not give up like i almost did.Keep pushing yourselves.