Last Update: June 29, 2019

I am in a bit of a dilema - I bought two premimum themes (one bought when I didnt really need to buy it) - It is a super good theme. The problem? I kindda dont like writing. I tried a few different ideas but get bored.

So I have found somthing i genuinly like writing about, I will need another theme though because its a specialised subject. The problem is the competition is super fierce, like major competion. How is a small fish like me going to break through?

I dont quite know, but I am going to work my ass off, and I guess its better to try than not try - no matter how big the goals are!

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AlexEvans Premium
A few bridges to cross, the progression through the online marketing maze can be a step by step process, it can be about finding your niche within a niche.

You say that you don't like writing, it is something that we can grow into, it is the first cab off the rank when we want to broadcast a message, the second can be vlogging and there are quite a few members here in WA that are seriously into creating a video online presence that augments and in some cases surpasses their written presence.

At the end of the day when social media is included, there are so many ways and vectors to bring that marketing message to the light of day.

The small fish just find that super targeted aspect of that specialized niche and just drill down deep, there will always be an angle that others have overlooked, and that people are searching for problem/solutions for.

When you start building some authority, that can be the time to come to the surface and expand your niche presence, it is like a dragnet.

Just like all niches that are explored the only way to the top is to consistently turn up in all weathers and chip away at it.

That is how you become a big fish in a big pond.

Best wishes.

Don't be too concerned about the theme, with the dexterity of Word Press you can work that one through on the fly, it usually falls into place.
Freddy33 Premium
Thanks for this. Wise words. I just saw this so sorry for the late reply. Chip away is the key! I whole heartatly agree.
NicholaJames Premium
Hi F,

Give it your best shot. Nothing beats a trial but a failure. So try your hardest! much success to you!

Kind regards,
Freddy33 Premium
Thank you :). I guess it's all about self belief, good luck to you as well, wishing you all the success.
NicholaJames Premium
You are welcome. Thanks you! Keep at it!