Problems with gravatars!

Last Update: August 10, 2016

So today I wanted to do some training but first I wanted to add a gravater image to my website. Seemingly simple it ended up taking me a few hours. I followed the training but only half my comments filled with my avatar picture. I was really scratching my head and after some help on live chat some others found the same hurdle.

The moral of the story, I stuck with it and figured out that if I delete the initial admin user and transfer the content to the 2nd added user this resolved the problem. So I feel good now. No doubt there will be hurdles and inevitable frustrations moving forward but you have just to keep trying and keep overcoming any barriers that are put in front of you. In the end with enough trial and error things will work and this is my belief with my website. Taking actions and small steps!

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AlAl316 Premium
Thanks for sharing!
GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience. Since there's a link of this post we can grab, we can now have a reference link to give to people having the same problem.