New website - Page one of bing for a post.

Last Update: September 11, 2017

Hey everyone.

You will go through tough times.

You will get confused and frustrated.

You will feel like giving up.

Keep going, don't quit, and stay positive. Work hard, and success WILL come. I was literally pulling out out my hair with some difficulty's with my site.

Use the help here, we are all a big family. And work, work your butt off. My sites less than 3 weeks old. I am on page one of Bing (right at the very top) with a really unique keyword. I wrote a 4000 word post.

Work and you will get there, you will feel so proud. Every single one of you can achieve Your goals - never forget that.


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JJsbounty Premium
Hi Freddy,

Great Job on page 1 ranking on Bing! That is exciting and something to brag about. Thank you for sharing and words of encouragement. I am just begining to build my first website as we speak. I am trying to pick the best web template for my site! I am moving forward and keeping my eye on the prize which is

Becoming self employed and sufficient!

1. I want to enjoy my family while I can
2. I want to be the grandma that has Sunday dinners, babysits her grandbabbies, bakes for them etc.
3. Travel the WORLD

Much continued success Freddy33!