A little obervation about niches with Bootcamp

Last Update: December 12, 2017

If you've are working your way through Affiliate Bootcamp lessons, I'm sure you have read the tutorial on Target Audiences for Wealthy Affiliates. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do because it will really help you if you haven't narrowed down a niche (Audience) for your Bootcamp Site.

I worked through some of the suggestions using Jaaxy and the WA Keyword tool until I finally decided on my own direction for my site. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't picking a niche because it sounded good and gave good keyword results. I wanted a niche that I was also part of the demographic for that niche.

I found my niche and started to build the website. After the initial framework was done, I went to google to try related, but not exact search terms to find possible entry points to my site. In other words, I became a niche member looking for 'solutions' to my 'unique' problem. I did many of these niche related searches and kept track of the results of the searches. It also gave me insight on how to broaden my niche as I build my brand.

As I did this exercise, I went to many of the webpages from the results. There were many that were from news sources like Huntington Post, others were information PDF files, and yes, there were websites from WA members working through bootcamp, or well established members that are working the niche.

Here's what I observed with the Bootcamp sites that are related in some way to my own niche;

  • There were a few sites that are quite new, which you could tell by the amount of posts, reviews, or the like.
  • Other Bootcamp sites had many posts and pages and are broadening their Affiliate Marketing by including many more affiliate programs into their niche.

Whether the site was new or well established, they appeared to have one thing in common-other than the website title and the about page there was very little information that included the niche audience.

I know I'm explaining this in a round about way, but maybe a mock example might clear my point. Let's say the audience is ABC, and ABC could be anything from Stay at Home Moms, to Hungry College Students Needing Money. Your goal with your Bootcamp site is to promote WA to the niche in a relevant manner. Many or most of these posts will be reviews of affiliate programs. With that in mind, wouldn't every review post be written in a way that it shows ABC how WA (and eventually other programs you recommend) will benefit ABC. The majority of sites that I did stop into were very well written reviews but could have been written for any niche for ABC was no where to be seen within the post.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but no matter what type of post you are writing, don't loose sight of your target audience for they won't stick around long enough to click on your Call to Action.

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