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Yes, today I only got 299 left for Las Vegas, I got my first referral today after 400 clicks since my start here at WA. I felt good in my heart that more people understand, WA is a nice way to go. Just waiting for next one :) Have a nice time ALL. Thomas
Hello my dear friends. Many of you did read my last blog about when I did my first really good sell, when I sold my Baccarat system on my website. What we all know is that you can use many ways to get traffic to your website, normally we use Facebook or twitter or any other social tool like Reddit or something else. What I did which was my successful move was to join and try to sell the system on Ebay and there also refer to my website to learn more about baccarat. So at Ebay I had nearly 30 pe
Today I made my first sell on my site, yes I did incredible and awesum, maybe you wonder what did he sell ? Was it a Deck with cards for about $5 noooo was it a T-shirt from Amazone with s-xy Poker Girls on for about $15 nooo, WHat was it then ???? I sold my first BACCARAT SYSTEM my own made system to help other players to make Money on Baccarat gambling, Aaahhh... you wonder for how much did you make Thomas I made $$$$299$$$$ for ONE system but ofc they will have my person
Not as serious as it sounds, but I'm learning more and more English every day that I am in WA, and I'm trying to write more and more, even with the help of translation software and grammar software, what is the most difficult is to understand every context in everything I read, new words for new things that I never heard of before. Because of this, there will be a stop at times and I want to quit, but so do you find sometimes that the things that make you go on, but right now it's slow again. I
February 10, 2014
At last I got my laptop back, NOW my Journey Continues. It´s hard to be without a computer but it´s harder to not have anything left in it, Everything is gone, Now really need a GOOD memory, better than my Laptops ;) So if I ask many questions here about things it´s because Everything is gone. But now back to work with my Niches. Best of regards Thomas
This morning I woke up with a start that I thought I heard a bang and somebody crashed a car, but then I remembered the dream oh it was actually so that a " rally car " drove into the ditch on the highway on a curve on the road to start the Swedish Rally ( Swedish International Rally will start in about a week in Sweden ) , in the dream , I ran up to the car and checked how it went? The guys said it had gone well but co-driver looked a little frightened when I joked with him and said, how is th
January 27, 2014
I did a WA promotion page on Swedish on same Website as My English site Could some of my Swedish friends watch it out, sure you other could look too ;)
Aahhhgggg... My laptop crashed this morning, and don´t know what to do, this stationered one making me NUTS, it´s 30 min to get this one going and it takes so much time to domy WA work, and every pages don´t have the same outfit :(Do any one know if I can do something to make the websites more look as my usual one with the last windows ? :)
January 23, 2014
Hey WA friends, I see a RACE here, Watch Out Kyle and Carson, they are coming from behind, do you wonder who ?? BIS, BOOMERGP08, aRICH, they are ALL chasing for Ranking Points !! That must be great for the owners, this is what they wanted from the start, to see people grow and making great things in Internet Marketing and Learning with WA. Must be a good RATING for the University. ;) If you feel like nothing happens with your education here, look at those people here our friends in WA, they we
January 23, 2014
"Take the Bull by the Horns", that´s what my Father have told me many times. Take the bull by the Horns first then you can go on with the easier things, I don´t know if you got same advice in other countries but what he mean was, start with the HARD things then the easier one´s is much more easier to work on with. I am thinking of that when I felt it was too much to do here with too many websites and some lessons left in my boothcamp to get a nice and good WA promote site :) Take Bull by th