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Hello everyone,

I live in beautiful North Carolina, with my husband and three children. A work at home Mom and Home School Parent, I love spending time with family and working in my community and my church. A passionate cook and gardener, I believe that we should enjoy life....always giving thanks for all that God has provided us.

I spent many years in the rat race, and still ended up with just a JOB ('Just Over Broke'). Emotionally and physically exhausted, with children who needed a mother and a husband who needed a wife, I decided to go home...and I am happy to say, I LOVE IT! But, let's be real, in this day and age, bills still have to be paid. Refusing to rejoin the rat race, I looked for other solutions to our financial dilemma. We found our answer in network marketing and internet marketing.

My husband and I are affiliates for two great companies with great products ( if you want to know more, let me know). And I am busily trying to learn and master online marketing....hence joining The Wealthy Affiliate University. With the economic downturn, my husband's entire department was laid off, so it is really important that we succeed. After all, the kids have become used to eating every day! (LOL). Anyway, the greatest part of being a Network and Internet Marketer is being able to work together as a family!

I want to be a productive part of this community and I would love to have the opportunity to talk to you and to get to know you and you me. I know that I have a lot to learn, my degrees and years of prior experience, are beyond useless in this field. However, I am a willing and apt pupil, with an overwhelming desire to learn and succeed. I'm looking forward to this journey and am excited to travel on this new road.

Wishing you all the best,

Benita Gibbs, Independent Contractor
A Mom On A Mission
Customer Satisfaction Consultant
MSPA - Gold Certified

Current Projects:
Financial Destinations, Inc.


"Texting, Emailing, Calling....Handsfree from any Cell Phone. Drive Smarter. Drive Safer with FDIVoice!"

Child Shield, USA


"Isn't the safety and well being of your child worth more than the price of a cup of coffee? Get Child Shield USA, the company with a successful 20 year track record of education, protection and recovery of missing, runaway or abducted children and teens!"

SKYPE: benita.w.gibbs

Contact me at: forkintheroad5@gmail.com
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idm Premium
Hey Benita, thanks for the add!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Karlnor Premium
Hi, thank you very much for offering to be my buddy.
I would like to know more about the two companies you mention.
forkintheroad Premium
It is my pleasure to be your buddy. Both of the companies I work with are very solid and offer terrific products!

I will send information about Financial Destinations, Inc. (www.fdioverview.com/SmartChoices) and Child Shield USA (http://www.childshieldusa.com/gibbs)
to you via PM. I would love to get your input on what I'm doing and find out more about what you are doing. Look for a PM from me this afternoon. Take care and have a great day!
Alaking Premium
Hi. Welcome to WA! Stay in touch and good luck to you. Thanks for adding me to your list of buddies.
I will take your invitation, and contact you in the near future.
forkintheroad Premium
Wow! This is an awesome site...but a bit overwhelming. I'm trying to take a deep breath and just follow the steps (sometimes an overwhelming task for my ADD mind)!

Wanting to start a campaign this weekend, buet want to do it right. Wondering if any of you have any pointers or words of encouragement?

Thanks a bunch!