Made My 1st Internet Profit

Last Update: May 06, 2018

My 1st Internet Profit

My 1st internet profit was made from a photograph. I have built some websites here at WA and struggled with because I don't have the traffic needed yet for the affiliate sponsors. Bummer! Traffic will take lots of time to build. Riding the dirt is for offroad dirtbike and quad riders and more.

On the flipside though I just made my 1st profit from the internet!!! It is not a huge profit by any means...however enough to give me hope in my talents. I built a new website here at WA. The latest is

I was told about this stockphoto business by a friend I have not seen in a long time. It's free to sign up and they have apps for photos from your phones to be loaded right up! You can have up to 80 keywords per photo to make it easier for your photos to found by graphic design firms etc...

If you go to my website and sign up through me I will receive a commission from a photo chosen you sold and the same of course works for you if you get your site up and running!

The profit took me three weeks to start. I will get a check as soon as it reaches $100 and that's just fine with me! It's free to sign up and the stock industry is a combination of such a wide variety of photos why not get started today! It's free to sign up and I am already making money!!!!

Best of luck to you all and I wish those of you lots of photo fun if you choose this route!

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I hope this post I wrote is not considered breaking any rules. It's just a true story of how I made a couple dollars...literally and how anyone else can too. If anyone thinks this is wrong please tell me how you would have written the same story for yourself. Thank you,