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As you can see I'm at - beyond actually - the retirement age. I retired January 1, 2008. I sunk a hugh amount of money and time in the Options angle of the stock market in 2007 just in time for the bursting housing bubble to bring my financial status to a crushing defeat 4 months after I retired. Bummer - big time!

Over the last two years I have done my best to find someplace on the net to supplement my meager SS income - without success. Three moves (I lost my home) brought me to Colorado. With no income opportunities knocking at my door, I decided to start the clicking process again. WorkatHome and InternetBriefcase didn't appeal to my nature or budget, but while reviewing other programs I discovered WAU. Thank goodness!

WAU appears to have it right. I like what I see. I like what I read and I like what I hear from all of you fellow affiliates. I am delighted to be here and I can't wait to learn how to be a great IMer.
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webkab Premium
Thought I'd connect with you since we have been in WA about the same time together. I took the 30 day training twice and especially appreciate potpiegirls blogs and magistudio Jays wabinars and instructions. I launched a business at www.comforthealthybikesaddles.com that producing a small income right now. All because of WA. Best of luck to you and MUCH SUCCESS.
Floman Premium
I am also on the 5th lesson. I just started the article writing process on Squidoo. It's going pretty well. I had already written the basic article on Rapid Writer, but found that it needed more content once I got to Squidoo.

My first niche has to do with auto care which is based on a recent experience I had with my wide's car. My next niche will be the health care field. I too feel the Naturopathic approach is best. I currently listen to Dr. Ben-Joseph every Saturday am on the computer at 8am mountain time.

You have a challenging niche - I would imagine Dr Ben-Joseph's web site would have some data you might find helpful. www.naturalrsolutionsradio.com.

I share some of your feelings. I think if we are persistent,
reasonably ambitious and patient we will succeed at this business.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Floman Premium
Thank you. It's great to be here. I feel like I've come to the right place. I'll feel even better when I'm not soooo green.