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Everything starts with passion; Passion is one of the greatest powers behind all achievement. It does matter what you wish for in life – if you are passionate about it you will always succeed and you will always feel joyful and fulfilled, which in turn brings health and abundance. Unless it’s something you really want to do, no number of workouts you do, goals you write down, gym memberships you buy is going to do anything for you but waste your time and money. To be fit and healthy has to
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Are you happy with your Life? Are you happy with the way you are living? Are you happy with your relationships?Do you want to change your life? Of course, most of us would say "YES" Change is not easy. Many people would rather stay as they are! Seems like we get in that comfort zone and are content with this. There are those that do make the effort to change, but it is often for a brief period of time. For example, look at those who want to lose weight; many just put the weight back on! There
April 29, 2014
Finally done it...became a premium member, wooohoooo got to start earning ASAP