My IM Journey | Still Learning Part Two

Last Update: April 22, 2013
Ok it happened again, what the *&^% the damn site was gone with all and any traffic that I did get at the time (it wasn’t much, but some)…..Not de indexed…..

I think it landed on Pluto or somewhere in outer space….

It was so far back I never did find it but it was still indexed (check for site indexing with press search)….that was good thing right….

To say the least I was pissed with the whole damn world at this point, a couple more months wasted site gone and I have no real idea what the hell happened to it…..

Lets time travel……

Going back a bit……The site did the Google dance for a long time or at least seemed like a long time…but I continued adding content, content , content and a bit more content……you see writing articles for an adult site is not difficult but not all directories accept adult content or content that directs to adult sites….

So now all I know about back links and article marketing is going out the windows….so I thought…..something like this just got me more inventive and made me a better searcher and in turn a better IM’er….(if that is a word…lol)…Now I know backlinks are not as important as they use to be….but are needed in combination with all SEO…..

Any way I got some back links finally, more articles I moved up to page 2 and finally started staying there for a while…not really sure of how long as I never recorded the time….a month or two…..

I got traffic not much but some I even went to Adwords and I thought hit the mother lode for traffic and thought ok sales should be made…(.Adwords is another story within a story….lol..)

What again nothing no sales no nothing….except

Nope not a one, I had at least 2000 folks go through my site not one purchase a lot of clicks to the affiliate page it seemed or enough….not sure what was going on….I needed some help or something…..

I stopped doing things for a while a week or two…..

Not sure how I got in touch with Mission op’s, I think he did with me as I must have been on chat complaining about Google and how much I hated them at the time (still do in a way….)….

Off topic for one bit of advice….You need to have some tuff skin as criticism can be brutal at times….it’s not because the giver is blatantly scoffing your site but I think it is because we spend so much time on it and think it is ok or may be great and in reality it sucks and mine really did…..really…..

Back on topic….I basically got a LMAO on my site….Missions ops gave me a list of things that he thought was wrong….damn it was a long list…at least it seemed like the whole site……

So after a few emails with Mission ops…..I got the message on what I had to do….not given to me… but I was given a direction to start looking in……I must say I love Mission ops no bull shit approach…..there is no room for bullshit in IM and it is refreshing…..that is how things get done….again tuff skin…

Away I go reading watching Jays webinars, WA new videos and class rooms are proving to be invaluable….

I redone the entire site the only urls that stayed the same are the posts and front page…..

All other pages and categories that I had done….BANNER SITE Absolutely a banner site holding no real value at all to any one….mind you the other content must have held some weight originally it got me to page 2…?????

All front page content redone even a new paid theme…..I now have to learn this…..taking more time than wanted but I have to learn it…..

Cutting to the chase, I have been doing the Google dance now for some time I think now I am starting to settle down a bit….I am not looking anymore until I see visitors coming from Google search in my stats page….I am on first page for Adam and Eve Sex Toys main kw….in Bing and Yahoo…last time checked….not first but on first page with a few other pages that I have notice are making there way.....

I asked another very trusted person at WA, BIS to take a look at my finished product and as she always does took a look and gave me her thoughts….both agreed the front page was missing something it was just not quite right…..

I made a few changes thinking I made it a bit better….

Time goes by I get traffic I start a Bing campaign and get more traffic…..again nothing…..emmmm…..

This time it is not pissing me off at all, well maybe a bit, ok a lot….but I am determined….I have overcome and learned so much by doing what I have done with all my sites…..that am not giving this up….no way…

I knock on Mission Ops door again…

Now at this time I am baffled, what the *&^% fighting up the ranks, fighting against high comp. overcame difficult obstacles, emmm not giving up….

I again look at the Webinars and other videos….As Mission ops actually confirmed what was becoming very evident to me, I suck at designing my front page…..LOL….

I sit now at knowing what I must do, have done a lot of reading inside and outside WA……I must design me a better front page…..

Jays last Webby was perfect timing for me….

I have about three or four pages of scribbled down notes on front pages, landing pages, funnels pages types of front pages, all kinds of stuff…..all interesting stuff……

I feel I have now enough information to get started on redoing my front page to start getting more visitors to take action and click on my product pages…..

Have started slowly….I must admit this is where I really get stumped even with the reading and the webbys…..

When I first started this crazy Journey into IM I knew nothing, and nothing else has actually been easy at least for me as I had to learn everything just about from scratch and really it tested my patients at times…. :) Not complaining just the way it is....I am still

My journey so far…..As the title mentions Still Learning……learning I am and probably will never stop…

This is just one more thing to learn….and in time get good at….I hope……if not maybe this is something I can sub out…..always a thought…..first I will give it my best….oh words are very important…

Not making sales have traffic… your page as useless as mine is or was or….????

I would just like to give thanks to BIS as you have been an inspiration and kept me going many a times knowing it or not you have….Mission ops great stuff man keep it up….honesty is the best policy and I applaud your approach….thanks again for kicking my butt….lol

Of course WA, Kyle and Carson and Jay they have been the house where we all come together to learn……and learn I have…..and you will too if you give it a chance….

To all others in the community here at WA I do not leave you out as I have gotten so much help form this community it would be crazy to mention ever ones name from technical to motivation to well just everything….thanks so much….

Well that is about it in a nut shell for now….I continue to add content…I continue to read and learn and more importantly continue on taking action……

Jay I will be taking you up on your offer to check out sites after changes have been made…

This place get is getting better all the time…..

My Journey has been filled with excitement and sorrow but would I change my career move not on your life.....I am an Internet Marker.............
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Shawn Martin Premium
Whew, you guys and your lllooonnnggg posts, lol. Glad you guys sorted it out. Now I need a nap...... :P
fishing Premium
Yeah it got kinda out of control.....sometimes that happens......:)
Shawn Martin Premium
LOL< No biggie, it is a good post :)
Deezdz Premium
That's quite the journey Tim. It does feel like a roller coaster ride sometimes doesn't it.
I'm routing for ya! ~ Dee
fishing Premium
Thanks it till the
wtbee2013 Premium
Thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us to see maybe we can learn from your mistakes....It would be nice.

To great success.
thanks kymee for your information.
fishing Premium
This is part of the reason I posted is to share my ups and downs there must be others in the same place...or maybe I am wrong and it is just me.....hope this helps.....