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I thought that I would make a few changes, and work on the Mo Watch this space for progress Cheers David
For those of you who are friends with Ryan McCracken I just saw this post on his Facebook status from his wife Lily Hope that he will recover soon! Thoughts and Prayers with him and his family Sorry if this is out of line!
Today 21.12.12 I have been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate for Three Years!What does that prove...well only that I am stubborn! Tell you why!I have not yet reached the level of Success that I am aiming at! So who do I Blame!Kyle?....NO!Carson?...NO!Or any one of the myriad of people here in the community who have given me advice, hints, tips constructive criticism on my websites?Well... Again NO!The fact is that the Training is here, the Support is Here and the means to Learn the Skills are a
I have been meaning to write something for a while, but got busy with stuff. Then today I was trawling the internet, actually getting lured by a shiny thing :-{ And then I saw this earnings disclaimer. I think that it just brings home the fact that if don't do nothing, you won't get nothing!An Earnings Disclaimer with Integrity"EARNINGS DISCLAIMERI'll tell you right up front, my results aren't typical. I'm in no way telling you that you will experience what I have experience
I was approached, by email, a while ago by a website offering me a .com domain of the domain name I own a .org of .. is that clear? They said that for the sum of $99.95 they would sell me that .com domain name. Well I did not have $99.95, so although I sort of would like to obtain the .com domain it was just not an option at the time. THEN a short while later I received a follow up email saying that they would be prepared to drop the price to $49.95, would I not be interested then? Well I was st
Don't you wonder how Kyle and Carson got Wealthy Affiliate going, what inspired them to create this community, what the future holds and why they do not tolerate spamming within the community. Well I took my chance and posed a few of those questions to Kyle and here are his answers.a) How did you and Carson first come up with the idea of Wealthy Affiliate University?After independently having success within the online world, we joined forces back in 2005. Having extensive knowledge in the af
So you are on Day 1, Day 3 or Day 10 of your 10 Day Trial Membership!How has your experience been?Exciting, Challenging, Confusing, Overwhelming?Have you learnt a few things in these few days?I'm a little jealous, I had to pay from Day 1 … But I Do Not regret it a bit!If you have taken the opportunity to make use of the training available to you during this trial period, you will have picked up a few skills at the very least! And you will have made a few friends, met some interesting
June 08, 2012
A bit over a month ago, two months before my 40th birthday, I set myself a few goals, mostly to do with my Street Articles accomplishments and achievements to date. My articles have been getting views but have a very low Click Through Rate, currently at 0.56%, which unless you are getting thousands of views does not translate into very many visitors to your website.Currently I am way behind in my efforts to achieve those goals!I have not given up on them entirely but I may have to moderate a few
May 04, 2012
Turn the Big Four Oh exactly Two Months from Today! Yep, I was "Born on the 4th of July" and this year I turn 40, ouch! :0 They say that life begins at Forty, so here's to New Beginnings! I thought that I would give myself some Goals to Achieve by then so here they are: Achieve Platinum Status at Street Article - means 39 more articles0 Improve my Average CTR from under 1% to around 5% or more Get at least 10 people to see the value of Wealthy Affiliate and Joi
What is Up with the Godaddy Upsell In the last month I have received 10 emails from Godaddy giving me various savings percentages on purchases of a specific value. Mostly these just upsell me on products that I already have, now I don't mind being given the opportunity to save on my purchases, but when it is done ad nauseum it becomes ..... well ... irritating!