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Last Update: Mar 31, 2020

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Mr Google Loves me and l love him back, On Sunday night after 10pm l purchased a new domain as l was not happy with the current one. The following day at the same time Mr Google did his job and indexed my website. I am mourning my nephew but Mr Google made me forget a bit about it. Thank you to my mentor Jeffreybs, l am not sure where he is hope he is alright where ever he is l tried to reach out to him with no success .

Today Tuesday 31 March is my second month and ten days here at WA (2 months & 10 days) l received my Top 200 badge yesterday my new website was indexed and all in one day, l guess God is looking down on me. I am happy that l have achieved my goals, it is time to set new ones. I am still sad l lost the member of my family but WA gives me comfort.

And WA Family loves me more, l have no words to say thank you for the support l received from all of you l had no idea that my family had so much love for one another this way here at WA. The support, prayers and love l received here was total amazing. You have shown me what kindness love and sympathetic means. You guys made me feel like a celebrity it was the first time l had to respond to so many messages in one day. Please do to others what you did for me, that comfort means a lot and can not be exchanged for anything. l love you all very much!

Happy Tuesday my WA Family!!!

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Congrats on your progress, Fiona. You are moving along nicely. Please take care and stay safe.

Thank you so much Mickey, l will take care of yourself too!

Congratulations! That’s a milestone worth celebrating!

Thank you so much Eaton:))

Congratulation on a mile stone. It feels good

Thank you so much Wade it does feel great:))

Congrats :D

Thank you so much :)

My condolence for your loss and congratulations for your wins.
I wish you more wins and happiness.

Thank you so much and much appreciated your support means a lot to us!

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