Last Update: May 12, 2020

My First Step

After much pondering and brainstorming I decided why not if others can do it I can do it too.And with so many genuine people at one place heck I need to be here too lol. Am absolutely new to this but then I have been absolutely new to a lot of things so help me god.

Hello Everyone

I am very excited to begin this journey and be a part of this community and I shall dedicate at least 2 to 3hours everyday in learning and progressing in this field. I am grateful to Kyle for answering my questions and helping me get through and also to all my friends and followers that befriended me so far. Thanks guys.I am not much of a writer so am going to end this blog now and go read what the others have written.

Finally please wish me luck and I hope and pray that you all are safe and secure wherever you are.


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HoratioDM Premium
Great choice, Faruk.
roamy Premium
You made the right decision, this I can confidently say from experience, I`ve been here 5 years and I`m very confident you`ll succeed if you put in the work.
faruk2020 Premium
Thank you for your kind words my friend.