In case anyone is wondering about my whereabouts for the last ​week...

Last Update: May 24, 2014

I've been on a little site called fallinfrog dot com!

That's right. My own homepage for people to reach me and watch my cartoons or video gaming exploits, either in real-time via Twitch,TV or later via my vastly growing collection of YouTube videos.

I've also started streaming on Twitch every night this week, setting up a schedule and sticking to it. By streaming gameplay live, I have been able to directly refer people to my site, and a time or two, received some positive feedback on one of my videos.

The social networking has helped too, as my networks continue to grow. To anyone wondering if the system works, it truly does. I am in a great position to start making money now, with ads in place and donation boxes.

I see no reason why I couldn't be working from home doing freelance art projects and generating revenue from literally drawing and playing video games.

I just wanted to brag for a bit on myself, because this is awesome you guys! I've been with WA for only 23 days, and accomplished so much thanks to you fine people.

To reward you all, I have included a real picture of myself with this post and I grant you access to my SUPER SECRET site with this link, to peruse at your discretion. Keep in mind, the foundations are laid out, and the content will be trickling in more everyday.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this.


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BuckTaylor Premium
Fantastic Josh! Great job and congratulations, the site looks good and you've got no where to go but up from here.
fallinfrog Premium
Thanks Buck.

That's my plan. Keep moving forward. Learn from my mistakes, and adapt my style. Thanks man.
arick Premium
fallinfrog Premium
Thank you for commenting and taking a look.
fallinfrog Premium
See, I am a real person! Ha ha