Balancing 'Here and Now' with 'Possible Tomorrow'

Last Update: January 03, 2016

That is what I seem to be doing these days - trying to strike a balance between the here and now (H&N) demands and a possible tomorrow (PT). There are days and even weeks, God knows even months when I allow the H&N to take precedence. The problem is - at the end of it all I feel as though I would have worked hard but hardly worked. Am I the only one that gets that feeling?

My PT always seems to suffer because even when I shelve it - in the short term nothing seems to go wrong - it is when I get to the end of the year or to the beginning of another that I notice that my PT is still seating where I left it during the first quarter. In 2015 my PT that remained undone was working on the second edition of my book. So I am setting myself a new target - I am removing it from the PT box and placing it nicely in the H&N - and I have no intention of keeping it there beyond April 2016.

In life and business one is always trying to balance the H&N and the PT. Definitions of the H&N will differ from person to person. My H&N are some jobs that I pickup as a freelancer and from my consulting practice, they eat into my 'writing' time because they also involve writing. What is common is that when one over focuses on faster cash from H&N, PT suffers. PT makes one wish for days that are longer than 24 hours.

For me the challenge remains that of trying to achieve balance - generating H&N cash while setting aside time for PT in a disciplined manner. WA, from where I stand, represents PT, at the moment my level of focus is a bit pathetic -- ok it is pathetic in a big way!

Happy balancing!

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acoolmil Premium
For most people the here and now has to take precedence, due to family/financial pressures, but maybe allocating a definite and defined period of time each day or each week to your tomorrow is the solution. However, this is easier said than done, as life continually gets in the way.
fairo Premium
True true.