Finished course 2

Last Update: April 05, 2016

Hello there,

7 days ago I joined WA and wow what a week. I now finished the course 2 and I can only repeat myself, when I say I couldn't be happier. Such easy to follow step-by-step lessons and I can't wait to finish Course 3.

In addition this is such a great community and it is always nice to come back here. I really like the "help and get help" attitude. For example, when it comes to comments or feedback. When I provide feedback for someone else I get feedback and the same with comments. So I can help someone and someone else is helping me, such a great feeling!

I hope you all have a productive day, and if not I hope you enjoy your day :-)



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WillyDee Premium
Hi Fabian. I'm new to WA and I too love the community here, really friendly and helpful. The courses are really great. Anyway, onwards and upwards!