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Last Update: September 10, 2019

Hey guys,

So I get a lot of messages from members on here and other platforms I use to how did I get started with learning marketing. Now I supose most on here can find videos on Youtube and other platforms to help you get started and it can get quite frustrating. Not to worry I have written a blog, unfortuntily Iit is on LinkedIn about all the places yu can find the answers you are looking for. These vary between learning from Google, Youtube and even Facebook. So I am putting the link here for you all to go read to help you better understand the needs of your own business. If you are getting started with WA, please be advised to first do the courses Kyle has made out on this website. Sure, they might now make sense fromt he first try but what I did was watch them until the end (of my understanding.) Then only did I create my first site etc and moved forward from that. So to not bother you ruther with my rambling about this, that and the next thing here is my LinkedIn Article for you! -

Have a great day

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