Nearly Two Months In: I Have A Website, More Confidence As A Writer, AND….I Made My First $!

Last Update: October 18, 2019

My progress on Wealthy Affiliate has been coming along well. I’m slowly working on the OEC course and learned a lot of cool things that are essential for online success. It’s unique to go through the lessons and understand the basics of setting up a website. Compared to 15-20 years ago, we’re fortunate enough to live in an age where it’s much easier to get a functioning website up and runnin. Even in less than a half-hour- it’s incredible! When doing research and reviewing WA early on, I was convinced that this is the best platform for affiliate marketing and creating niche websites.

As of this post, I have my first niche website running. I just completed level 2 of the OEC course-and WOW! I can’t believe all the time and effort I contributed to the work. I never thought I’d be doing so much from writing content, to providing and asking for feedback, asking for comments on my site, and commenting on the discussion boards. At first, it looked intimidating, but I told myself, “Take a deep breath, don’t worry! These are basic tasks that are simple to complete- all I need to do is set time aside and willing to put effort into accomplishing the work. You got this!” And so I did that, and quite frankly, I did not complain at all about doing the work. I’ve complained before about my old jobs, but going through WA, not at all.

Additionally, I’m starting to feel more comfortable writing content, now that I’ve written a couple of posts on my niche website. I know that writing articles or papers sounds challenging for some people. But the more you practice, the more natural you’re writing skills, and the better you become as a writer. Luckily for me, writing is one of the best skills I’ve developed since I was a child. It’s the best way for me to communicate, and a little passion in myself as well. Who knows, as I move forward with WA, I’ll float some ideas around for creating WA training pieces on writing skills. I can already see myself doing it down the road.

I’m not even two months in, but last week I made my first WA commission! I didn’t expect to happen this early, but it proved to me that the WA platform works. It was through a WA referral, and though it was a small commission, it’s a great start moving forward. It gave me motivation, and I told myself to keep going at it. I know that with discipline, effort, and patience that I’m going to see the results I want and be more successful in the long run.

Moving on to the next level of OEC- much more to come ahead, and I can’t wait. I’ll keep updating my progress every once in a while.

If you have a moment or two, check out my niche website, and please share it with others.

-Eric (Pen Name: Rick)

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digimilli19 Premium
This is great news! Gives me hope!
klchang Premium
You are doing great, Eric.
Keep going and you will see a better future.
etseil20 Premium Plus
Thanks, I sure will!
vadcreative Premium
Congrats! It certainly is an exciting journey, isn’t it? I’m just over month one and feel like I have accomplished so much. Glad to hear about your progress! Good luck!
Marley2016 Premium
Congratulations! Wishing you more
success in the future.