Are you a lion or hustler?

Last Update: January 12, 2015

Am I a Lion or a Hustler? I took a personality test once; you know the one where you find out if your personality is more aligned with that of a Lion, Camel, Monkey or a Turtle. Being the hard-charging, goals-oriented and sometimes overly opinionated person that I am, of course I aligned perfectly with that of a Lion; even more so that of a Hustler. Now I know this six letter jewel is used most times to depict derogatory or illegal behavior; and that is definitely not what I am insinuating, I do however identify with the Thesaurus’s definition (To act aggressively especially in business dealings). One thing for certain, in whatever context, “Hustle” is used to signify drive and urgency; this drive and urgency motivates me in all that I do. Because no matter what your profession, in order to be successful; you must continually strive to improve your Hustle.

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Denissezl Premium
Love it!
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so true!