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Last Update: May 18, 2015

Wow !

I finally found the Solution that i was long looking for !

How to Set your Featured Image in Word press via Image URL . I found mt self with a very nice theme to had image thumbnails with my post on my blog but I always had to upload an image to my media gallery and this would end up with a ton of pictured very fast causing my bandwidth to grow bigger and bigger making my site slower to load .

So after trying nearly 10 different Plugins and also attempts to changing Code in my Theme Editor it just never works until I found the Plugin Called Neilo External Featured Image found here https://wordpress.org/plugins/external-featured-im...

Its works like magic ! even though there are no instruction on how to use it it very simple .Simply install and then go ahead an create a post or edit a post . you will see a new box appear were your usually upload your Featured Image ! This time you can simply dins a picture on google Copy the URL and paste . DONE !!

I hope many of you find this useful !


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m30815 Premium
Thanks Eric, this helped alot. Hope all is well
bsmith1222 Premium
Thanks for sharing!
ericseiler Premium
No problemo :)
danbarth87 Premium
Very cool. Thanks!
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