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Listening to your dreams and other synchronise signals can make a difference to your attitude, direction and peace of mind. I don't normally write this sort of blog, but this got my attention and felt relevant, so I will put it out there.Yesterday I seemed to be struggling to put out a simple blog post here and it wasn't on my website. My intention was to spend a little time but it took a day. I str
mmer holidays are great! - but spending extended time away from business can fog your thinking and dull your drive. How to get started again?I always find time away and holidays a double-edged sword. The loss of momentum and time has to be caught up somewhere and seems to demand a doubling of effort and a determined focus on return and it is plain hard to get going again. It's sometimes not easy in the IM world being your own boss which demands self control and self discipline (being your own bo
This blog is my follow-up on the recent excellent review and expose written by Kyle about Clickbank University on his site 'Ways To Avoid Scams Online'. Clickbank is not the benign leviathan in the affiliate digital product world that most people vaguely think it to be and it seems to be morphing further into a money grabbing machine rather than the ethical and impartial support service it should for buyers and sellers of digital products.Kyle's ReviewHaving read the review, I think that it g
I just changed my profile information and this is what it says...... Hi, I am an Australian and currently I am now living and working in Shenzhen, China (just over the border from Hong Kong which is now my quick Western 'getaway' location when I go a bit crazy here) I recently moved from Chengdu in South Western China where I was teaching. It is an intense experience changing jobs and moving in China and this requires a 100% focus. It is expensive and time consuming and starting a new day