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Last Update: September 15, 2019

So I am almost there! Well almost to level three of the training. I am eagerly awaiting the next phase of the program. I have created my niche website on sleeping better. I have written 5 posts so far dealing with practical aspects of sleep and sleep habits but I have also written on some faith aspects to help with worry or stress. I have enjoyed the writing so far and like the fact that I may be helping people along the way. That is a natural passion of mine sharing my faith and helping people that I come across. Now I can't even imagine making money with my website. I am going on this with faith for sure as I will surely be shocked if I earn a $1. I haven't monetized the website yet I believe that is coming up in the training. I was very excited to find out that I have been indexed by google I can only imagine the feeling when I earn a $1.. Thank you in advance for all the help you guys are more than likely going to give me on my journey. This community has been fantastic and so helpful. Thank you again and have a blessed Sunday


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Hey Eric,

Please put your website's URL in your profile. I would love to read those sleep articles.

all the best,
eracine Premium
Hi Maxine,
still working on the webstie and how it looks. Up early today back to my "job" Have a blessed day
Congratulations Eric.

The $1 will come. Building trust is more important now.

Follow Kyle with unwavering determination.

Success is within your reach.