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November 30, 2019
Well I just upgraded until 2021. I went premium originally on October 14th. I haven't made a sale as of yet but I am not committed for almost two years. Here is to jumping in head first! God bless,Eric
November 15, 2019
I have to give a shot out to the site support team here. I had some issues with word press the last few days and they responded quickly and professionaly. This community is top-notch. I am so impressed with everyone here. I have been in management and the corporate world for most of my career and have never experienced such support. I have asked a lot of questions this week as I am on vacation, so I have a lot of time to tinker and all my questions have been answered. It is unreal. Top no
November 11, 2019
Just wanted to drop a line to see if anyone else was in my boat. I have about 17 posts written and realized that only 5 were indexed by google last week. The funny thing is my earliest post got indexed and as I have progressed through the training my content has become much better but wasn't getting indexed.I found out last week that only 5 were indexed and couldn't understand why. They were much better than my earlier ones with more content and links. I was following the SEO strategies but
October 24, 2019
So I just finished posting my eleventh post since I joined back in August. I don't have too many affiliate links in my posts but I do have a few. I have progressed through the training and I am currently working on the Adsense portion of the training. I was declined using adsense from google and I am sure that I probably didn't put it in the right spot. I am still navigating the word press back office and seem to learn something new everyday I explore in there. I have enjoyed the writing t
September 15, 2019
So I am almost there! Well almost to level three of the training. I am eagerly awaiting the next phase of the program. I have created my niche website on sleeping better. I have written 5 posts so far dealing with practical aspects of sleep and sleep habits but I have also written on some faith aspects to help with worry or stress. I have enjoyed the writing so far and like the fact that I may be helping people along the way. That is a natural passion of mine sharing my faith and helpin
September 10, 2019
Just wanted to share that my site has been indexed by google. Still learning a lot so I don't really have a clear grasp of what that means :) I have done two posts or blogs and I am planning on a few more this week. I am on lesson 6 so progressing. One question I have is a blog the same as a post? I am in uncharted territory as you can probably tell with my total lack of social media terms. As an example. For fathers day I got a new smart phone as I broke my last one. I know how to do b
August 31, 2019
So I have been on the WA site now for a few days trying to get use to it. I have worked for the same company for 24 years. Only full time job I ever had. I am a hard worker and a natural leader and spent 22 years in management. Now I wouldn't say I was fulfilled or extremely happy but I was good at what I did but I have always wanted to work for myself or better just rely on myself and my work ethic. The company has been great too me and I have been blessed to meet so many good people but I