Returning back on my path with Joy

Last Update: August 02, 2018

2014 I was an excited being, I just joined WA and then surprizingly I go leave three months later, financially and self doubt bit me in the butt that I left early in 2015. 3 years and 5 months later the day being - May 14 2018 I return, alot happened in those three years but the little I had learnt from WA never left me. It was early in May this year, that I tossed and turned for three days hearing the words wealthy affiliates.. I didnt cotton on that my intuition and the law of attraction was gravitating me back to a good memory, until I saw an email with the words and remembered the community that made me 'feel-good' while being in their digital presence. While out from WA, however, I searched many other platforms and tried other apps, made websites, but did nothing with most of them and pretty much got totally lost, & still left frustrated, knowing withinside myself that I knew I could & wanted to be owning and running my own successful online-business!

2016 My siblings an I lost our best friend 'Our Mother', that totally shook our whole foundation, apart then 12 months later I was diagnosed with borderline ovarian cancer, my pea size right ovary had grown to a whooping 7.6kgs or 16lb thingy-me-bobby, ugly and scary looking thing it was. I eneded up doing a video hoping to bring awareness to women of all ages concerning the 'difference' between ovarian and cervical cancer. I remember looking back at life while lying ill in hospital & telling myself that I would only do things in life that made me feel-good, feelings of high vibe fun-stuff, joyous and happy stuff in my life, once I get out.

This community @ WA had been one of my joys once upon a time ago and I knew I was coming back! After 3 years of being away and coming back I did notice some positive changes within WA, things seemed more simpler and following instruction seems easier then the first time for me? I knew I had the fire and passion back in the belly once again, it's such a good feeling to have again, as I look forward to reaching that goal that I first had when first joined WA.

I have always been in natural healing and you will hear and see my blogs will come from that direction, maybe more on vibrational energies but it's something I am passionate about. At this moment being back is the greatest feeling within me ever. I still cannot get over HOW Kyle and Carson have shown themselves to be so unconditional and selfess, such a encouragement seeing WA being blessed with such a sucessful expansive community also. Greatest examples for us to follow as we walk grateful and appreciate them and all our helpers that help make this community so warm and welcoming. I write today to say I am so happy to be back and want to reach out and say 'Hello' my brothers and sisters in WA once again.

I know it is me who creates everything in my life so I ,must trust myself and never give up on myself oh and love one self and the Universe for it will and does turn around and love us back!


Michelle aka Energyess

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litos316 Premium
Welcome back , and there is not bettet time to achieve your goals than now , life is full of ups and downs , is how you come back from been down that makes you , who you are and is what will help in the end reach the destination , trust the proccess!!
Energyess Premium
I appreciate your words so much litos316 Thank you :-)
AffFranE82 Premium
Welcome back, may you experience a lot of sucess this time around!
Energyess Premium
Thank you, Francesca, I appreciate your words. I have a more of a better understanding this time around and looking forward to sharing my success story one day in the near future. Much success for you also, dear friend.