Goals for 2016

Last Update: January 17, 2016

So I've been here just over a week. Not long, but long enough to know that I'm serious. Actually I had thought about starting a website for a long time, so I was already mentally prepared when I joined WA. Now, having access to all the great training and wonderful community here, I'm not just determined I am EXCITED :D So, although I'm still getting my feet under me, I want to set some 2016 goals. Because I'm a goal-setting, list-making fiend and doing so will help me to stay on track when the times get tough ;)

Site goals:

- Get 250 posts up on my main site, useful, relevant, engaging content that adds value to my readers' lives.

- Reach 10,000 visitors a day on my website and 20k twitter followers

Financial goals (these are broad, as I don't have the experience to make really specific ones):

- Start making a profit in the first quarter

- Make enough to pay my monthly credit card bills by June

- Make 4 digits/month by the end of the year

WA goals:

- Vegas, baby! Share this fantastic resource with as many people as possible and SEE THEM THERE :)

So that's it. I've broken them down into actionable steps but you guys don't need to know just how nerdy I am with the list-making (grin).

I'll update my progress from time to time, the good the bad and the ugly.

Here's to a fantastic 2016!

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cpratt653 Premium
Strong goals that reach for the moon!

EMSeven Premium
Thanks Curt! Now, just gotta get the website up ;)
cpratt653 Premium
Your very welcome EM. Keep up the good work.

Curtis J. Pratt
Jeg12 Premium
Hey There

Those are some awesome goals. You will definitely be able to achieve those goals in Wealthy Affiliate. Complete the training, stay focused and ask questions.

See you in Vegas.

All the Best for 2016
EMSeven Premium
Thanks Michelle! See you there :)