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October 07, 2014
I just found out that my website is on the second page on google. Last week it was on page 3 and now it's on the second page. What I don't understand is I'm not getting any traffic to my website so I don't know whether I should get excited about this google page thing or not. It would have been nice if I was getting traffic to my website so I hope someone can explain this a little more so I can understand what's really going on here.
I'm very sad to say that I'm thinking about dropping my premium membership due to finances. I've been here four months and I've been a member for almost the same time I've been here and I thought that I will be able to pay for my membership through my business but so far I've not been able to get anything from my affiliate website. With so many bills to take care of and two kids who are in private school and one getting ready to start preschool I can't afford the $47 a month anymore. I hope to
September 30, 2014
Good morning everyone. I started thinking about being successful and I began doing a research on what success is. During my research I stumbled upon something very interesting and I thought " why not share this with my WA family" 1.Identify your passions. Before you can achieve success, you will have to define what success means to you. While it may take years to realize what you want to do with your life, identifying your passions, interests, and values will help you set goals and give you
September 22, 2014
It's been three months since I've been a member of WA and things have not been going well until recently. My website is still not the greatest but it sure is way better looking than it was a month ago thanks to my wonderful husband who also owns a non-profit website who has been helping me understand some of the concepts of affiliate marketing, and I also want to thank our wonderful members here who are always here to help whenever I need help. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever make money at al
August 27, 2014
So I just finished level 2 and I'm very excited because it was very stressful!! At one point I almost quit because I was having trouble with writing content and I was so frustrated with myself. Working long hours and doing my school work didn't help the situation but I told myself that I wasn't a quitter and I'm so glad I'm a premium member because when I get stuck with something I usually send Kyle a private message and he always clarifies things for me in a way that I understand. I'm looking
August 09, 2014
So it's been one crazy week for me. I wasn't able to go on WA to do anything at all. I worked 64 hours, got at most 4hrs of sleep everyday and have to take care of our 3 young children and of course my husband who's always wonderful. I have not had any off day at all this whole week!! That's why I need this business so bad so I can spend more time with my family and not deprived of any sleep. Oh, on top of all that, I had tones of school work to do and I'm still studying for my statistics test