Google Web Stories Wordpress Plugin - Is It Right For You?

Last Update: July 21, 2020

Looks like the Big G is at it again. Trying to change the way websites behave and dictating their preferred method of how content is presented on the web. This can be frustrating for those of us who have only now figured out how to make the Big G happy. But on the other hand, this could be a great new way to display your content.

If you worship the Google gods, (and let's face it, we all cater to Google in some form or fashion) this plugin was created to help get more traffic to your site. It's function is to provide snapshots of information quickly to the mobile user. It's been in development for the last two years and is now available to try out in beta.

Why Did Google Create the Web Stories Plugin?

Google has recognized that the way information is consumed has changed. More and more users are getting their information from devices other than a laptop or desktop. Namely mobile phones and small tablets. Information is being consumed more quickly by scrolling through content, reading headlines and perhaps a sub-heading. So information needs to load fast to keep up with demand.

We live in a visual world. Web stories load faster providing the user with information more quickly in bitesize chunks.

So let's get down to what this new plugin could mean for you and the way you write content.

What Is A Web Story?

Using the Google Web Story Plugin, you can create images quickly using your own media library on your website. The interface looks a bit like Photoshop only it's a lot simpler to use so you shouldn't be intimidated by it.

Web Story Requirements

  • Minimum font size of 24
  • Each page contains no more than 200 characters
  • Formats include images, videos and GIFs
  • Stories are horizontal and take up a full page


  • The plugin is free to download
  • Easily integrates into your website using images in your media library
  • Includes 8 templates that include multiple pages
  • Built-in buttons
  • Stories can be shared and/or embedded across the web
  • Stories are shareable with social sharing links at the end of your story
  • Use visual effects such as fade in to trigger the user to progress to the next page of your story
  • Use audio files for spoken information such as news, new product features or background music
  • Easily add links to your story in a blog post


  • Only one affiliate link is allowed on a story
  • Minimum of 4 pages; maximum of 30 pages

If you use Canva to create images, this plugin may or may not replace it. It will really depend on your niche. Click the image below to see a web story.

What About CTAs?Google has built-in CTA buttons such as Apply Now, Download, Sign up and more. In fact, there are 21 options you can use.

If you really want to geek out and learn more, check out the development page.

Currently, it's available to download in beta. I would advise that you test it out on a test site first before installing on a live site.

Are you willing to make the switch? How likely are you to install and use the new Google Web Stories Wordpress plugin?

Me? I'm on the fence at the moment. I don't know if I really NEED this plugin. I think it will be fun to play around with on a test site but I'm happy with using Canva and adding one or two images to my posts. I'm not sure I want to start creating actual stories. It really does depend on your niche.

Let me know your thoughts! Enjoy!


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AlejandraB Premium
Thanks for sharing this information, me? I'm going to wait to see how this plugin works.
SamiWilliams Premium
Great information, Alanna. As this is a new tool for me, I have not given any thought to its use. I will admit that I learn about tools Here at Wealthy Affiliate, so will be tuning in for more information as those who are more tech-savvy than I experiment with this Web Stories plug-in. Thanks for calling it to my attention,
emerald860 Premium
Hi Sami,

Glad you found the information useful. I'll release more information as I continue to check it out so stay tuned!

AuroraGlobal Premium
Hi Alanna,
Its a plugin I will need to look at on a test site. Let's see where google go with it.

emerald860 Premium
Hi Paul. It's very new. Only released today. It might be worth playing around with but I'm not sure it will be a deal breaker in terms of pushing out content. That remains to be seen. I'll be keeping an eye on it too!

Thanks for dropping by!