30 Thankful Days Series - Day 4 - I am Thankful for the Internet

Last Update: November 04, 2020

Hello WA Family👋

Day 4 of November is almost over. Today I am thankful for the internet.

With the internet:

1) I can communicate with my family and friends in Indonesia.

My Dad's condition has not changed so much. My family is going to take him to see a better doctor in a different city tomorrow. These past two days they have been trying to help him build his strength so he will be fine to be in the car for about 6 hours drives to see the doctor.

I appreciate WA Family's support and prayers for him. 🙏

2) I can find Wealthy Affiliate and start my own online business. I build websites and I have learned a lot. Through WA, I have also met a lot of people I can look up to.

3) I can find and gather information for my next content on my websites.

4) I can build my network and connect with like-minded people. I am happy to have some guests' appearance lined up for when I have launched my podcast later.

5) I can take a break from my daily routines and thinking of my Dad by watching my favorite anime online.

What are you thankful for today, WA Family?

Please share in the comment section below.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy. Take care of your health!

Arizona, November 4th, 2020 - 11.33 PM.

P.S. I apologize for not being as active as before within the WA platform. I miss commenting on WA members' posts, answering questions, connecting with other members in the Live chat, etc.

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Isaiah14 Premium
An excellent list to be thankful for with the internet, Ferra. Glad that you're able to use it to your advantage.
I continue to pray for your family

Isaiah 😊
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I hope your Dad is better soon
Mikol-Rrsq Premium
thank you Lord for our journey and out life thank you lord for where you are taking us to oh Lord we thank you.

may Ferras father get well soon (AMEN)
SylviaChrist Premium
Ferra, don't worry about you not commenting on posts, etc. Everyone will understand! We know your situation. I wish you and your family ongoing strength for the situation.
I am thankful for the internet as well. It is beautiful to be connected and support each other.
God bless you!