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Last Update: May 30, 2019

After almost two weeks of thinking, contemplating, and researching, I finally made up my mind and moved up to premium. It was a hard decision, thinking about my age and financial capability. I'm 68, a retired elecronics engineer, now a businesman dealing with electronic gadgets in the local market. I am also fond of using herbs for me and my family. My wife had a big stone in her left kidney. The doctor removed it by Shock WaveLithotripsy (SWL) for $2700. After 3 months another stone appeared in her right kidney and the doctor said she needs to undergo the same procedure. A friend of mine suggested to use herbal medicine instead, particularly parsley, apple juice and olive oil. After a month, the kidney stone passed out easily from her kidney. We were able to save money and my wife's life back to normal. There are many herbal medicines that can match or exceed conventional modern medicines and have less or no side effects. There are alternative treatments that can cure incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS.

By joining WA, I can augment my income selling herbal products and electronic gadgets from the affiliate partners.

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OSegun Premium
Hi Elyo,
You are very much welcome to the premium membership of WA.
Indeed it's great to read of your testimony of herbal cure. I tried one from a friend when I had loss of iron. It is eating spinach and liver cook together.
I wish you all the best and please do not allow your age to scare or discourage you. There is still plenty time for you to enjoy life and help others.
Best of luck.