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July 21, 2019
Since I joined the WA premium community last May, I was telling myself: Did I make the right decision? Can I really do this thing, writing articles that I don’t have experience about? Can I make a website? Can I communicate with WA people? Will they help me? Whenever I face technical problems I ask questions to site support and they responded within minutes. Also, I get assistance from fellow members who gladly share their experiences and opinions. I get quality training from Kyle who exp
May 30, 2019
After almost two weeks of thinking, contemplating, and researching, I finally made up my mind and moved up to premium. It was a hard decision, thinking about my age and financial capability. I'm 68, a retired elecronics engineer, now a businesman dealing with electronic gadgets in the local market. I am also fond of using herbs for me and my family. My wife had a big stone in her left kidney. The doctor removed it by Shock WaveLithotripsy (SWL) for $2700. After 3 months another stone appeared i
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