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August 03, 2017
Yup, I was told that today by a friend.He owns a campground an he said: "Well i think i will sit down and just let the money roll in".Well i told him it won't be long an the money will start rolling in for me too. That's when it all started when he asked me what kind of job i was doing.I told him i do affiliate marketing an things were starting to look promising an that it would be good money.That's when i told i'm going to sit down and just let the money roll in.He says with all that money you
May 18, 2017
Hello Everybody, Just another tool for your arsenal. Ran across this one today reading about seo. Thought it would be worth posting. Its like fiverr.I hope nobody is thinking about quitting. Keep plugin away the magic will come. :)
March 12, 2017
Yup,Just another nifty little tool that you can add to your awesome toolbox. Google Analytics for chrome. It pretty cool how it works.
March 07, 2017
If you have an Amazon affiliate website or any website really, what social networks do you share to. I know there is Twitter and Facebook that you can share to.I am just wondering if i am missing out on some good networks that i can share to.My website is just slow on traffic. I also have 10 reviews i have to get posted that should help.Just a thought. :)
February 24, 2017
Hello everybody, I have a question about Amazon reviews. I would like to know what each of you do with your reviews.I have 10 Amazon product reviews lined up. The question is do you post them all at once or do you drip feed them over time.Do you put the review/reviews on a post or page. Do you link them together.Just curious how everybody does their reviews.
February 08, 2017
I thought i would share this for everybody. Not to long ago a member was asking about putting two website together an wanted to know if that would hurt their rankings. Enjoy. :)
February 05, 2017
Yup, its hard to believe that you can sell anything if you are creative enough. I have seen a lot of weird niches on the internet over the years that have made a lot of money.I don't know how many people know about a show called Shark Tank but it is pretty popular in the United States.Well anyway i was watch Shark Tank tonight and there were these 2 guys with a potato niche of all thing's called Potato Parcel.These guys made 205,000 dollars the first 2 months in business.What they do is write a
February 03, 2017 you everybody. :)
February 01, 2017
Thank you.
January 28, 2017
I get them all the time. The people that send these scams are good if you don't know how to spot them. First of all in the first image if you look at the very bottom of the page you will know right off. I'm not even sure what country that is.All PayPal emails will have: (copyright 1999-2017 PayPay. All rights reserved.) at the bottom of there email.The login link button in the center of the page is done with a URL shortener so they can track you to see if you open the email. When i clicked on t