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March 25, 2021
Hello my Wealthy Affiliate family, blessing to all and hope you're in the best of health and staying safe.I got into my site today, after a period of time away from it, I am not surprised that my Rank had rise back up to 71 alls because my activity had ceased for few weeks, this is what happen when you're not consistent in anything you are doing, especially in you business. This is what I love about WA, it let you know when you are thriving and when you are not. I haven't been commenting, like
Hi There lovely WA Family, blessing to all and staying safe I hope. Here is my Learning and Productive Day.My half a day on the computer, after the first half was in a limbo and slumbering mood with a blank mind.I finally got up from my comforting spot, (the chair in my bedroom) I suddenly felt I was wasting too much time doing nothing, yet there are so much in and around the house to do, but not interested.I took my ipad up and there were so many emails to go through, to be exact 179 within
Happy Sunday afternoon to all WA family, hope you are staying safe and healthy.I just wanted to give a big shout out to our fast, quick responses of Site/Support, which most of you already know that at one time or the other.My gratitude, is that all my WA banners images has disappeared, most likely when I had cleaned up computer and I didn't know how to get them back.Well! Site Support to the rescue, I put in a ticket late last night and before you know it, the issue has been resolved, all the
March 04, 2021
Hi there great Wealthy Affiliate families, blessing to everyone, hoping you are all in the best of health.When you have knowledge and understanding of things in life, no matter what it is, it is a blessing in the sky.I discovered today something that is precious to me, and possible to others throughout the world; you see, I wear glasses for reading, but when it comes to the computer it is so uncomfortable for me to read the writing, even with my reading glass. Yea, I know, why not get a strong
Hi there WA families! blessing to you, hoping everyone is staying in great health.Just wanted to share with you my busy Monday the first day of the new month of March. Today is the day I decided to clean up this Desk Top Computer that has been running as slow as a snail, and of course, I had no idea what I was doing. However, I decided that something has to be done to make things better.I wanted a fresh start, I play round with it until I found the area setting that allows me to clean it up b
March 01, 2021
Hello WA family, great evening to everyone. Can someone clarify this issue with the system for me, please? (Clarification) why when I get a link from the mirror on top of my WA account, I copy and paste it in the comment of someone that need assistant, it does not go through. (it gives me the message as (Internal System Problem try again.) This is not the first time it happens.Thank you for any clarification you may have.Elizabeth
February 27, 2021
Good evening my WAfmly, blessing to you all where ever you are. This will be short.I am Back On The Road, I got my break and it's time to get running again, staying still and home is not doing much for me, but only feeling sorry for myself, and that is no good, so here I am again, making a solid dedication to stay strong and keep on moving.I will, of course going to need everyone's help when the moment arises., which I know you're all very kind and generous helper in this awesome community.
February 15, 2021
Great Monday Evening/Night or which ever time of the day it is in your part of the world, blessings to everyone withing the Wealthy Affiliate Family.Oh yes, I have been In And Out of the platform lately, not being as active as I usually do, however, not because I am not interesting anymore, but I had to take a break now and then, not for any health reason, thank God!, but there are times I am just not up to any thinking that makes me productive, so I lay back with a free nonchalant attitude.Thi
February 09, 2021
Blessing to you my Wealthy Affiliate family, hope all are doing just fine.I am just sharing this small information on AIOSEC Readability, In reviewing one of my post in Myhearthealthywebsite where the readability had an error causing the score to be at 95/100, everything else was all good, so I click on the error tab to see what I had to do.ParagraphThe details was, over 300 words with no paragraph need adjustment, so I went into the post and viewed all the content to see which paragraph had m
February 08, 2021
Hello my Wealthy Affiliate family, hope all are in the best of health and staying safe.Sunday was a Beautiful Snowy Day, I know the Super Bowl was on, but I watched tennis instead since I understood that better. With all the snow that fell throughout the day, the sun came out just before the night fall. Isn't that amazing.This was another perfect day to be all into my business of Wealthy Affiliate and any other business going on, but I choose to relaxed and watch TV and in between commercial r